15 December 2005


The other day I was reading ~j~'s blog where he says avoidance is the best form of self defense. He says
Avoidance in this sense is accomplished, not by specific techniques, but rather by states of being. To dramatically reduce the possibility of attack, and thereby the need to apply self-defense “fighting skills” one should be:

1) Alert
2) Humble
3) Peaceful
4) Law-abiding

I agree with him in total, great sense of humour there

Movies specially our Indian films are to be partly blamed. When you watch an action packed thriller you are often charged up. It is quite natural when you have just watched the hero bashing up 20 bad guys, exhibiting karate kungfu judo boxing all in one. I get charged up too, I want to bash up a couple of poor guys waiting at a bus stop for the crime of scratching their
heads and save the life of a non exixtent damsel in distress. Sense prevails when I realise I can get hammered by any girl as strong as Ashley Judd Winona Ryder or Julia Roberts.

Here the hero is smashing what looks like a windscreen of a car, probably the bad guy's, could be his own, you can never tell, these guys are crazy, they love smashing things and the audience love it, and it sells. The hero doesn't care about the consequences. If I think of doing the same, besides personal injury and a hospital bill, I have to worry about the bill for damage I caused, a lengthy court case and a couple of months in the chokey.
So sense should prevail. I better be a law abiding citizen.

In the late 70's I watched Gumball rally, After the show I grabbed my friend's hand and rushed out of the theatre, Whats the hurry ? my friend protested dragging along with me, he is a bit sluggish. I said let's watch some fun, some real life action, took him to the parking lot and waited. There it was, in just 2 minutes there were 5 or 6 accidents and many minor thumps thoomps. After watching the action packed Gumball Rally every driver coming out of the theatre was charged up. Bikes were racing GRRRRRRRRRROOOOOM GGRRRRRRRRRRRRROOM, there was deafening noise, everybody was Impatient and over excited, their engines screaming, One biker trying the wheely stunt and hit a wall. He was trying to impress his girl friend, poor thing fell down too, both luckily were not injured considering the impact.
Actually the girl fell off before her boyfriend hit the wall. What followed was absolute mayhem. DOONG DHOOMP TOONK TEENK,
cars hitting each other. Drivers came out of their cars and started bashing each other. The ladies came out of the cars too in an attempt to calm down their men. It was their loss. People went home after a couple of dents and scratches on their cars.

Angeldust says that the city of Bangalore is getting a new name, any idea what the new name is going to be ?
Blunt Knife


Chinna said...

I was reading an interview where this top executive was boasting about his self-control. He said, he always kept his cool in public. He would loose his temper only at home!

wildpic said...

rauf i needed this positing, me been quiet angry with a pissodiot lately. yes i need to be a slush pool when i dont want any ball bouncing back.

by the way b'lore would soon become 'bangaluure' and .... bangalore's majority of ethnic minority are bengalis, so they are sayin call it bengal-uure !

Rauf said...

I thought new bangalore would be called 'kemparojagowdapeta'
The's a kempagowda road there just add roja out of laal bagh.
why not bhanglure ?
bang-smog-lure ??

Rauf said...

the top executive doesn't have to pay the damages for violence at home. He has no option but to keep his cool in public

Anonymous said...

It's bengaluroo.(pronounced beng-AA-loo-roo)


Rauf said...

Thanks Infrancia!
But that doesn't take care of the confusion
Mangalore has been Malgalooru for ages

wildpic said...

rauf ... pulled up some facts on spider silk, n republished the earlier nephila post ... chk it out.

lets call it bang - la - bing ! sounds good u know.

Anonymous said...

lol,wildpic bang-la-bing

Thanks for the christmas wish Rauf

Just an observation:theres no 'r' in my name.


Rauf said...

sorry Infancia, you are incredibly polite, you shudda tol me to go check my eyes.

Anonymous said...

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner

Anonymous said...

After all the hangama those concerned do not feel"may be if i had been a bit patient things would have been other wise.No i was right, i acted according to my conscience. i don't do anything against that." what is right and what is wrong?

Rauf said...

Ask the caveman what is right and what is wrong. What is right for you is wrong for me. That is what the bloodshed is all about. Its a clash of 'good vs good' not good vs evil. No one considers his actions as evil or wrong. They all have right reasons. Both the parties are convinced that they are right.
Some one said, war is not about who is right, its about who is left. I don't have answers but I am dealing with this subject in my next blog 'the best of all'

Anonymous said...

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