7 December 2005

Photo Blog

I don't know if I told you
I have this another blog thing going ? Blunt knife ?
Its a photo blog thing, no its not a photo blog,
blog blog ?? I am not sure what it is
But its a blog with pictures and lots of them.
And I give tips, what ever little I know
Oh yea I got it
Its a travel blog too
what else ?
Some times my mind refuses to move ??
I mean not out of my skull
that some times is today and now
Yea it goes out of my skull too.
Right now ??
I don't know what I am talking about ?
I am typing very fast, five words per minute
before my cat tries to catch my fingers

Please wake up early
You'd be missing a lot
How many sun rises have you seen in your life ?
I read a blog last night ?? yea last night.
where the person is happy that she's got good friends
She feels lucky, It was good to read
Its good to know some one is happy.
Half my friends wake up in the afternoon.

I forgot, I means forgot forgot
just click on the title of the blog
Title or the heading ?
what ever
or click on blunt knife below
It will take you to my other blog thing

I don't like this word blog or blogger
Blogger ? Yea I saw in my dream
People coming out of a theatre
big crowd, Somebody points at me and
shouts BLOGGER !!
I run
and they chase me, I try to run faster
but Its like I am running in slow motion
just like in the movies ??
I can hear thousand guys screaming behind me BLOGGER BLOGGER BLOGGER and they were getting closer and closer ??
I am running and running and running and not moving an inch.
To my horror I find I am wearing only a t shirt
ONLY A T-SHIRT. But I was wearing shoes thankfully. Nice shiny shoes well poslished, new very stylish shoes they were, bit too big for my feet though.

Angeldust ! Is this font and colour OK ? I have been trying different things buttoo I want to stick to black, bikkaas of pictures I means my pages have pictures, yea its a good idea, I'll say pages in future not blogs. Is it still too bright for you ?
Blunt Knife


wildpic said...

i wish i could post my comment thru a picture .... tried hard to write but doesnt feel right for this posting ...

angeldust_xtc said...

So sweet of u to change it. Pictures look good on a white background too if thats wat u re worried about. Will always read thru posts if interesting enough...no problems:)

Love the link colors..very futuristic. Reminds one of the Matrix.

shony said...

Uncle I am moin’s friend I came to now this bloge site from him. The sit very nice the pictures of the cat are lovely. The flowers the fungus & the window across the street look’s great through your lens.