2 December 2005


1 apple 1 Rupee
10 apples 8 Rupees
100 apples 60 Rupees

This how things are all over the world
But for Chennai Telephones and Electrcity Board
things are different

1 apple 1 Rupee
10 apples 12 Rupees
100 apples 200 Rupees

They seem to have their own logic.

5 in the morning and it has just started raining, I tell you these people are never going to learn,
We used to have Cricket matches only during Pongal holidays. God save the test, hope the rain stops.
There you go. My neighbour is at his bike again, trying to start from past one hour, I want to go back to sleep but not until he succeeds or gives up.
Blunt Knife