17 December 2005


Today is Moin's Birthday Moin is my nephew, love him so much.
He is 25 today


Anonymous said...

ooooooohhh !! please please wish him on my behalf, poms. I'd do that, but i kinda feel shy, as i don't know him all that well.


wildpic said...

hey moin ... thats a quarter century ! .... wish u a wonderfull birthday ... many many more overs to bat.

hope all well, take it easy n just stay focused n alert. like an animal !

dont listen to the politics, just play ur game !

take good care moin ...!

Shpriya said...

You are becoming a professional in the bloggers world day by day!

Rauf said...

Thanks Puts
you gonna be 25 on your next b'day
Moin saw, sed thanks, he asked who is puts I told him who is puts

Thanks so much, Moin saw both the greetings

I don't claim to be a writer, nor do I want to become one, I just pour my heart out. Professionalism or perfection is the last thing on my mind. It just keeps going like a blunt knife, useless doesn't cut anything, quite useless
9.15 in the morning and pouring, and I love the rain lot less now, a drastic change. Its like a guest whom you love and he decides to stay for one more month.

wildpic said...

i have a cheap calender (like them)on my comp cpu. it has a saying every day, todays is ..."if u stop struggling, then u stop living life" ... what a paradox, we struggle not to struggle. by the way frogs can fly too ... chk my new post.
yupppeee !

Rauf said...

Good to hear that suresh
That indicates that I am living a full life. Struggle is the only thing I know.

yupps checked your new post. made a mistake there on my comment, perhaps that was not a flying frog leaping out of water in Enya's Orinoco flow.

Zarina said...

Happy birthday to Moin!

Liz said...

In the picture he looks deep in thought. Hope it was a happy birthday.

Rauf said...

Yes It was Liz
Thanks so much

Rauf said...

Thank you Zarina

wildpic said...

hi rauf, todays quote on my cheap callender is " sometimes questions are more important than answers " ....
i totally agree, questions have changed my life than answers !
theres a new frog that i have posted, its quiet a question. chk it out.

Rauf said...

However wrong it may be the answer is an end
You open a door with a question in mind. questions are never ending
We are communicating today, thanks to some one who asked a question.

Mala said...

I totally missed Moin's birday.
But these fotos of him brings back memories of him and Ruby in a rush yknow. Amazing! ive actually known Moin since he was jus 10!
Gone to sleep on Blunt Knife eh?
No action there in a looong time.

Rauf said...

Is there a toilet in your house ?
remember that Mala ?
Moin always adores you

yea blunt knife is coming
Rain has dampened my what ? pretty much every thing.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday moin