26 December 2005

He takes you there....for a while.

I have said in some page that I may like my preferences but there is always some one out there who would treat my taste with utter contempt.

Rajni kanth is a south Indian film actor, I need a lot of courage and strength to watch him for more than ten minutes on a big or small screen.
I can describe him in one word,
I can see my friends punching my phone number now.

For those fortunate ones who have never heard of him, I'll give a brief introduction.
He is a superman a batman a spiderman, Evel Knievel, Bruce Lee, Rudolf Nureyev, Andrea Bocelli, Kimi Raikkonen all rolled into one, perhaps a bit more, I am inclined to add god to the list.
Enjoys phenomenal popularity. Here I am at a loss to describe his popularity in words. Perhaps gods don't enjoy such status.
This is India for you, more or less.

Apart from those who can afford, the poorest class of people blow more than a weeks wages to watch him hammer the bad guys and sing duets and dance with the leading lady in pouring rain, in the most exotic locations of the world. A man making an honest living carrying heavy load in the harbour, wearing a blue shorts green shirt and a red hand kerchief tied around his neck, waits in the queue in hot stinging sun for the whole day, blows his entire weekly wages, without caring for tomorrow, just to watch his hero toss the cigarette in the air, which lands right between his lips and light it with grand style.
The labourer or the rickshaw driver is in such a level of ecstasy that I can never dream or hope to reach anywhere near there. What I have been longing to achieve all my life, this labourer has experienced it.
He is already there.
He has reached.

I am groping in the dark, utterly confused, scared of the saints, scared of the people too sure of themselves, who think they have all the answers, people who are too sure of existence or absence of God, scared of people who say ' this is it '
I don't know where I stand.

Blunt Knife


wildpic said...

LONDON (Reuters) - Australian scientists have proved what is common knowledge to most people that teaspoons appear to have minds of their own.

a group of scientists from the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health in Melbourne secretly numbered 70 teaspoons and tracked their movements over five months.
Supporting their expectations, 80 % of the spoons vanished during the period.

Regretting that scientific literature was "strangely bereft" of teaspoon-related research, the scientists offered a few theories to explain the phenomenon.

Taking a tip from Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books, they suggested that the teaspoons were quietly migrating to a planet uniquely populated by "spoonoid" life forms living in a spoonish state of Nirvana.

They also offered the phenomenon of "resistentialism" in which inanimate objects like teaspoons have a natural aversion to humans.

On the other hand, they suggested, people might simply be taking them.

Rauf said...

Pens are attached to the desk with a string in the banks, while they lose millions in bad investments or robbery.

Just imagine people eating in diners with spoons tied to the tables

George Breed said...

And we are the ones waiting in line to see ourselves. When the movie of you comes out, you will spend your all to see it.

Spoons tied to tables made me giggle in my coffee.

wildpic said...

nooo ... dont tie the spoons, i was not talking about the spoons !!! ;)

Anonymous said...

It's about time you forget about yourself!

Rauf said...

If I get a couple of more anonymous comments I would be tempted to become anonymous too (to myself)

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Sajid Khan?

Rauf said...

Is my name sajid khan? I think I am not Sajid Khan. Let me confirm

Sheenat said...

I mean Sajid! The pretty one!

Rauf said...

I am not an intelligent person
kindly explain
Thank you

Mad Ethel said...

Okay, so who is this guy? A demi-god? It sounds like a little bit of "Americanization" has reached India where people waste their lives on following and watching other people. What a waste. The beauty of life is being overlooked because we're too busy with Hollywood and Bollywood. :(

Rauf said...

Amazing ! Ethel,
I really wonder how you have heard of Bollywood. You make this world look so small.

Not just a little, a lot of Americanisation has crept inside. The positive side is, people have become more professional, quality has improved lot. and the negetive side is, people have stopped knowing their neighbours, and they have no time to know themselves and the life around them.

Chinna said...

I think you should put out a picture of how Rajnikant appears in public when not acting. It will give people more to chew on . . .

Rauf said...

Chinna, you are not going to believe this, my friend was getting married in Raghavendra hall, while the ceremony was going on, half the people rushed out, some one said Ranjikanth has come.
The priests pujaris, a big team of them, missed a couple of slokas a couple of chants and they too got up to see him

Mad Ethel said...

I've heard of Bollywood through another western product - t.v. But I will say that Link TV is a great station. They play music from all over and sometimes have documentaries on other cultures. I love learning about other cultures!

Rauf said...

You gave us your attitude, fast food, soft drinks and fashion, we gave you the guru's and swamis, believe me these guys are raking in millions.

Shamantra said...

What the labourer has achieved is a few hours to imagine himself as the hero instead of the labourer. It may be the only pleasure he (or she?) will have for quite a while.
What the star has achieved, since this is his avocation as a storyteller, is that he has performed (convincingly or not)his role so well that he has given some poor, downtrodden labourer a few hours to imagine himself as something other than who he is. And given him, for a few hours at least, hope.
And maybe just a litle bit of fun, which is sometimes in short supply.
And that the actor has become idolized by the masses...well...it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it! ;-)
By the way, one of the funniest Canadian movies I've seen lately is Hollywood Bollywood. And three of the most poignant, beautifully told, beautifully filmed: Water, Earth and Fire.

Rauf said...

Feels so good to see you here Barbara,
Yes, This man takes you there, that is the title of the blog.
You have James Bond. We have Rajnikanth. Here in India these people misuse the power of popularity.
Thanks for stepping in Barbara.

Anonymous said...

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