17 December 2005

Best of all

When ever Suresh and I sit together, or spend time in the forest, we always talk about how weak and insignificant our human race is in the whole map of the universe. We always agree on its stupidity. Our planet itself would be hard to locate on the map. We both are firm believers of evolution.

We have often discussed and wondered, when we are evolved out of the best of natural selection, why we do not possess some of the amazing features and qualities of the animals. For instance a cat has 64 vertebrae and we have only 32 . Cat can survive a fall from a great height. Our eyes are not equipped with tapetum lucidum which helps in night vision (please correct me). We can't fly like a bird, We have no graceful speed of a panther leapord or a cheetah, or the strength and power of an elephant, grip of a lizard, or flexibility and defense mechanism of a snake. A chameleon's skin would be so fantastic, change colours at will in the court of law. We are not equipped with a radar or sonar detectors. Our vision and hearing are ridiculously limited. And finally a quality which we once had and lost, is the detection of natural disasters like the earth quake, flash floods or tsunami. Animals detect them in advance and escape to safety

In other words why humans are not batmen supermen or spidermen.
Ask any child, what he wants to be, perhaps as a child you imagined having additional features and powers too. We love reading mythological stories full of such characters.

The whole idea of creating the universe or life doesn't make any sense to me. Since we are here, without going into the reason why we are here, or seeking answers or enlightenment I laugh my life away resorting to clowning and try to keep myself in good humour and try to make the best of my existence on this planet. Live for the day with no savings for tomorrow. Not a wise thing to do.
Wisdom, yes I would trade all the wisdom in the world for a bit of commonsense.

When I tried to go into reason why we don't possess the best of the features and qualities of animals, I found a great deal of humour in it.

The nature or God if you like to call it, does not trust us. and please believe me this whole process of natural selection does not trust us either. Perhaps for right reasons. Nature or God considers us humans as complete idiots.
TESTED CONFIRMED STAMPED AND BRANDED IDIOTS, never to be trusted with additional features and powers. Nature or God trusts animals more. Animals don't need a hand book of the Ten commandments because they are wise and they are in total control their individual assets and qualities. We idiots so badly need a holy book in our hands to behave, telling us what to do and what not to do. We badly need the fear of law , fear of the society, fear of our own children and the fear of hell to control our thoughts actions and intentions. Even without the best of animal qualities, if we humans are let loose without control, it will not be very hard to imagine the consequences. Please don't laugh, we humans consider ourselves superior to animals, the lesser beings we call them.

Animals act only when necessary. survival and procreation are the only two things on their minds. They don't act for fun. A snake avoids biting, its first preference is always to escape without biting. Its venom is so precious that it injects a little bit, just enough to paralyse the victim. Death is often caused due to panic. They don't bite for the fun of it. Tigers leopards panthers hunt only when hungry, they don't go about killing all the weaker animals in the forest. They all are in total control of their qualities, and use them only when necessary. Except for whales in certain conditions, you'd never see animals ending their own lives. Have you seen any monkey doing yoga or meditation ? They don't need it.

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, the entire planet is run and managed by the female species. Things are different with us humans

Yea I'd like to have all those qualities. The thought of my neighbour or the people of a neighbour country aquiring these powers scares me to death. I want those features too. I want night vision, I want flexibility, to rob all the banks, I need venom, I would knock the door and bite the guys I hate. I would like to fly without a passport. I want to be a superman, a spiderman or a batman. Just imagine humans with animal powers features and qualities. There would be no life left on this planet. No wonder nature or God does not trust us. Its a good decision afterall. We have to live under some fear or the other and the fear of hell is really working.

Are we the best of all creations ? na... I don't think so.
Blunt Knife


Chinna said...

we have been given this toy - higher intelligence. we are yet to figure out how to use it best. when we do we will be the best. if we last that long . . .

Rauf said...

Dead right Chinna
Intelligence is the main problem, thats why we need law and fear of hell to bring control. We use little and misuse a lot.

wildpic said...

today i was totally down, some food poisoning i suppose, something so small and invisible can knock my day lights. its just for the blog i crawled n typing in one hand holding my stomach with the other. nature always wins.

we have no claws, no sharp teath, cant even run faster than a lizard. but possess a brain thats big n complex, now if we get the animal power n stealth along we would have gone extinct some 40,000 years ago.

i beleive our survival instincts would see the threat we have created and hope we act in time ... else lets rock n roll before this whole shit house goes up in flames.

Rauf said...

Before we go extinct, we'd wipe off all forms of life.

Fear element is good for us, fear of destrying ourselves. Americans don't realise that they are sleeping every night with 3,500 nukes

God would create life again
like ' New improved Toyota'

New improved planet earth 2

Now God has experience, no repeating of blunders
Let us not make humans this time.

wildpic said...

god might be the last thing we might drop in our process of learning ... it utter chaos in the beginning n its the same that looks like order to us now ... random chance is the answer if anybody wants one !

Rauf said...

just imagine how difficult it was to drop the idea of a flat plate like earth

wildpic said...

exactly ... i would have had a tough time. sendin u a pic of new improver toyata !!!

Mitey Mite said...

You need to read Plato. He says most people obey the law out of fear, but some obey the law because they believe in a society of laws. Some people do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, no matter how hard it is to do so. Unfortunately, those people are in the minority.

We still have instincts. I don't know about tsunamis & earthquakes, but most of us can sense danger, IF we will just pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. We are too quick to tell ourselves that we're being silly or hysterical when we're actually detecting something we need to avoid. I didn't listen to my body once -- have regretted it ever since -- and I pay attention now!

Rauf said...

Mitey mite
yes, I said its a quality we once had and lost.

I agree with you, there are people in this world who don't need the 'Ten Commandments' to guide them. Law or no law, they would lead a peaceful life, as you said they are a minority.

Yes I have read Plato,long back, I see that John Steinbeck is your favourite. 'of mice and men' and tortilla flat taught me more about human mind than Sigmund Freud.
Loved 'Grapes of wrath too'

Thanks for stopping by.