13 December 2005


Neil Diamond '12 Greatest Hits'
The moment I saw the poster I lost my peace
30 years ago?? or there about
I had to get that and I got it. It was in my hand, brand new silver jacket with dashing Neil Diamond's picture on it. Shiny record, not a scratch. What a feeling !!
Sometimes they dump demonstration record with lots of scratches on dumb guys like me, you have to check. I don't need any demo, I know what it is, I just grab and run, You have to check always which I never did, Always in a hurry. Wrapped in brown paper I came out of the music shop and waited for a bus which was least crowded,I had to protect the treasure in my hand, it was not a CD, a good old 33rpm Long playing record (LP). While waiting at the bus stop I took the record out of the wrapper many times and put it back. Had no patience, wanted to get back home fast. Got into a crowded bus, no elbow room, the only thing on my mind was protecting the record.
I panicked, I did not check if the record was Stereo, mono records were still on sale.
With a pounding heart I got off the bus, while crossing, in the middle of the road I opened the wrapper and checked,
yea it was printed there in small letters 'stereo'
I don't know how I reached home.
Time did not exist for me.
A bunch of friends were waiting.
They knew that I was coming home with Neil Diamond's new Christmas release. Clement snatched the record from me, (he was expelled from school for showing a knife to his teacher ). I have all kinds of friends, all ages. He placed the record on the turn table, mom made tea for all and we sat down
.'sweet caroline' the first number, Boy I was floating in the sky
and I am not even a Christian.
Talk to me about material happiness
I'll tell them go take a hike.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -- Pope Benedict has warned against rampant materialism which he said was polluting the spirit of Christmas-CNN
Do you think Christmas is celebrated by the Pope, cardinals, Bishops or the Nuns in the convent alone ?
More than the birth of Christ,
Christmas is all about giving.
Christmas is about sharing your joy
Christmas is about remembering the forgotton ones.
Christmas is awareness
Christmas is hope
Christmas is a smile.
Christmas breaks all the barriers of religion.
Christmas is also celebrated by the people who don't even know who Jesus Christ was.
Christmas is an opportunity to unite the people of the world
Christmas has gone beyond Christianity and has gone beyond the birth of Christ.
Yes, our world is far from perfect, but there is something called hope.
And Christmas gives it to you.

This is not about 25th of December. This is about the road which takes you there. The road to Christmas is more enjoyable and exciting than Christmas itself, where the planning, decorations, preparations shopping begins more than a month before. The road to Christmas generates phenomenal amount of business, directly or indirectly brings some prosperity even to people who are remotely connected. So what is the harm in commercialising the Santa ?

Material pollution, ..'polluting the spirit of Christmas'
In other words the Santa doesn't exist.
Yes Santa is casting a shadow over the birth of Christ, perhaps the Pope is worried about that.

Remove Santa from the scene, you see a bare colourless and a lifeless Christmas. This does not mean that people forget the very reason why they are celebrating in the first place. Every body is aware of this fact. If you want only spiritual happiness out of Christmas who is stopping you ? Nobody is forcing you to buy yourself a bottle of perfume, or a new pair of shoes. Don't spend a dime, just sit and pray but let the children have fun, they may be 50 years old. And Santa is a spirit which brings joy to all, he may be sponsored by SONY, So what ??

I don't have faith, I don't celeberate, but is is good to join the celeberation and share the joy. Even if I can't afford to buy anything, I love to see all the Christmas releases, all the decorations and preparation, Nice to watch shop displays, Its fun, and the goodies which I get from my kind neighbours and they share their joy and we share our joy on Eid or Diwali with them.

When you wear a new dress it is nothing less spiritual.
Buy a dress for some one who can't afford one, it is more spiritual.

Forgot forgot, I played santa once, that was my friend's Christmas party years ago.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change... the courage to change the things I can... and a red Ferrari. -Mr. Boffo

Blunt Knife


wildpic said...

yes rauf ... wish u a merry (!) christmas and a happy new year !
am goin nuts this season with information overload.

Sangita said...

Yeah can feel it X Mas Fever is cathcing up. Feels Good. Enjoy Top 3 pics are cutest of lot.

And your word verification is getting tougher by the day..:-(

Rauf said...

Thanks Suresh
Yea you have to go into specifics
confirm and reconfirm before you publish. Looks like a full time job. For me its freedom, my cat does all the facts spelling and grammer check

Rauf said...

just imagine my plight with poor eyesight.
There was a lot of spam creeping in.

Now I have to type lu or g v(this is definitely V a mf again u or v its tough no doubt. I never make it in the first attempt.

Chinna said...

i guess that's why it's called
x'mas. what are you gonna ask santa for.
a new album from neil diamond?

Zareba said...

Interesting, chaotic, but intertesting!


kathy said...


Rauf said...

Actually there is nothing to ask for, I have no idea of current music scene I may ask santa himself 'any suggestions?'

glory said...

Your photos are stunning, particularly of Rajasthan. My boyfriend's parents are visiting their home state of Punjab right now, but they are considering moving from the States to Rajasthan sometime in the future.

I wanted to thank you for you kind words on my blog. I really appreciate your comments.

Rauf said...

In India we live Chaos and love Chaos, no order anywhere

Rauf said...

some times I find myself indulging sweeping generalisation. These are based on my travels.
Its just an opinion, Please don't take it seriously.
Things are a bit less aggressive in Rajasthan and less hygenic.
People are extremely gentle and soft and poverty hits you on the face.
I cannot say the same about Punjab, It is a prosperous state, more enterprising, more business oppertunities, a bit more aggressive.
thanks for stepping in.

angeldust_xtc said...

lol, love that last quote.

Imagine if Santa wore a suit with sponsors on it like our cricketers wear, when he goes around giving out toys;)

Merry christmas shopping!

Rauf said...

Santas are sponsored, I have not seen them wearing any logos in our part of the world, I have seen pictures though wearing logos. A NOKIA santa and an Ericson Santa having a fight would be fun.

Zarina said...


David said...

"and a red ferrari"..
I dated a girl named terry ferreri in High school, I never thought to ask God for her, now she and I are both divorced and nearing 50. will God grant me serenity?

Rauf said...

Follow your heart David
please don't keep waiting for God to grant you serenity

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