3 December 2005


This may be an eye sore,
believe me, you may not be aware that these bill boards give you a good feeling that things are going alright.
These bill boards are a part of the marketing urging you to buy their product. But when bombs are falling around you and bullets are flying everywhere, you hardly think of painting your walls or buying new furniture. You would just hope and pray that your children come back home alive. There is a shift in your priorities.
Survival becomes every thing for you.
You will think of marketing your product only under peaceful conditions. Otherwise these bill boards become meaningless and the marketing impossible.

When do you think of enlightenment ?
Only under peaceful conditions that includes your personal health.
You don't think of enlightening yourself when you are sick or under the threat of bombs dropping around you.
Gautam Buddha was not suffering himself,
he saw death and suffering around him, which made him ask questions.,
Had he been suffering from chronic stomach aches due to peptic ulcers, we wouldn't have any Buddhisam today.

There is no formula or a particular path to enlightenment.
My paradise would suffocate you. What enlightens me may depress you.
We have our own ways of liberating ourselves. Even if you attain Nirvana, nothing is going to change.
There is no enlightenment for an Iraqui or an Afghan.

This used to be my table, now discarded
There is nothing unsual here

All it needed was a bit of moisture, life springs on it. There was no life on it for 20 years
Take a closer look

I never noticed it myself.

Please stop for some time for a closer look
You may find something enlightening right under your nose.

Blunt Knife


Tanya said...

i just want everyone in this world to have a solid roof over their heads and food to dill their tummy each night. Is that to much for our politition to provide?
Building a strong home provides shelterthe basic need for all human. One this has been established the people will have somewhere to begin.

wildpic said...

Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.
- Brendan Gill

enlightenment is to lose duality ... then ... anything goes and ... grows ...

Sangita said...

Nice observation..it is a delight to see such small things which we generally miss but suddenly one day we are amazed at their beauty

Rauf said...

Is this your blog ?

I tried to post my comment there but it was showing some kind of error syntax something ?? Read most of your entries,You express yourself so beautifully

Stacey said...

Who knew fungus could be so beautiful.

You're an excellent little shutterbug. :)

angeldust_xtc said...

Too good pics rauf.

nice observation abt the bilboard bit.

and i wasnt surprised u act like a monkey;)

Anonymous said...

Its the typical you rauf... its like hearing you again... its just that i don't see you... Presentation style - Brilliant...