2 November 2005

Thank you Eve

Lets go back to the monkey who stole my biscuit packet
Read Monkey Sense
She took the risk, and she was smarter.
If you spend some time in the forest you would observe that it is the female species which bears all the responsibility. They are in total control. Nature has entrusted the females to run and manage this planet. They are wiser smarter and more responsible than the males, a fact which is completely missed and deliberately ignored by all the major religions of the world. Women are hundred times emotionally stronger wiser and more practical than men. Men may run the countries or the banks or the Induatries. Their folly and greed has left this planet completely battered and the surface smeared with the blood of the weak and the innocent. This planet is in one piece largely due to the fact that females keep rectifying the damage. And this planet still remains a beautiful place to live.

Holy books hold Eve responsible for the downfall of Man. They regard Eve as a symbol of temptation. She took the risk, defied God and plunged her lovely teeth in to the fruit of knowledge, Look where we are !!!

God how I love this downfall of Man, I am having a ball here
Thank you Eve, I salute you.


Chinna said...

Lovely - old-world feel. Did you crop this pic?

Chinna said...

The woman balancing the pitcher on her head - with such poise and elegance. Puts any catwalk model to shame!

Rauf said...

yes chinna cropped, she is Arshi

Anonymous said...

You are an enlighthened man. Wouldn't life be much better if others too thought like you!Rinseela

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

mystic rose said...

beautiful! all of the pics..

but more than that, your words mean much, thank you! for all the women in the world. .. :)

i did read this before..