17 November 2005


Sweet Annie helped me with this page sitting thousands of miles away, She's got brain. I asked her if she can repair my shoulder too. I saw her lovely smile sitting here in Chennai on her web cam.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yes .....It is possible, one day

Jesse Owens 1936 Berlin 10.30s
Justin Gatlin 2004 Athens 9.85s

Its the evolution of human mind which is performing, not the body.
you have the most complex robots performing most complex tasks. You have landed on moon, you have landed on mars.
After 4 million years of evolution we still depend on nature for our survival and we have not been able to manufacture a simple blade of grass ( not that simple )
Technology can help us live a little longer, but still we are down on our knees begging mother nature's mercy
That drop of water is more important than landing on the moon or planet mars.


Chinna said...

felt like touching the screen and
rubbing the water on my face.

jeenu said...

nice photograph :)
and yeah science is still in its infancy...give it a couple of more years with the right attitude and right people we might be able to understand the process of creating life

Rauf said...

Yes Jeenu
A man sitting on a cliff wondered
'If I keep walking non stop, cross the ocean, one day I would reach the edge of the world. Where would I fall If I take a step forward?'
This question looks ridiculous to us now
Very valid question it was, Alexander the Gr. too wanted to go there, he was a student of Aristotle.
thanks for stopping by