30 November 2005


The plant is jutting ot of my neighbour's 2 feet thick concrete wall. This perhaps may not mean anything to you. This is just a common sight.
you see this every where.
This tells me who stays and who goes. Its a reminder.

Things grow by themselves, we have no power to stop the growth.

This planet has the capacity to heal itself, what ever damage human greed may cause, it may take hundreds or thousands of years. We are not trying to save the planet, we are actually trying to save ourselves and our future generations. The planet knows when to wipe us all out. We humans are just a bunch of jokers lost in our beliefs. Happy are those who don't care to know why we are here, happy are those who think they have the answer. The planet is laughing at us.

This is a new year greeting I made for the year 2004 Click to enlarge

Blunt Knife


wildpic said...

"Abuse, if you slight it, will gradually die away; but if you show yourself irritated you will be thought to have deserved it."

Tacitus (circa AD 56 - circa AD 120)


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Chinna said...

forget saving the planet. i might just be able to save myself.

Anonymous said...

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