26 November 2005


The first thing I throw is a user manual. I don't like to follow instructions. I do on my own, and make a mess. of every thing. I don't like holding a book of instructions holding my nose and jumping into the water

Chinna used a strange word I had never heard before 'blog' It sounded like a huge rock falling on your house, a bomb like thing.
What is it Chinna ? He explained, these are personal web sites, where people write about almost every thing, their lives, opinions, ideas and he told me about photo blogs and he showed me a couple of them. That was a crime. He made me a blogger, dropping bombs. Mala made me touch a key board for the first time in my life, that was a crime too.
Your type writer is so flat ?? Its a key board rauf, she said. She had a black and white TV attached to it, and made me play a car race game. She said
' you are a menace, you'll kill everybody on the road'
Now the key board is an extension of my body. I am hooked to it.

First I thought these blogs are only for geeks, far beyond my good old coconut. I found you don't need any brain to open one. First I read a few blogs, some were good , some were just trash. Since every body thinks that he is the most sensible person on earth, I being no different, thought I could have one of my own. Found it pretty easy. There were some fixed formats, I liked none of them but had to choose one and stuck to it.

I got used to reading some blogs regularly, mostly Indians, formed an idea of their personality through their writing. It was like commuting every day, you get to see same faces, you form an opinion on their personality without even talking to them. You miss them when they don't show up.
Suddenly a lady whom you have seen wearing a sari always shows up wearing a jean and a t-shirt and you are upset. Same thing happened here, one lady decided to change her format or template thing ?? it was like a change in her personality, I was very upset. I was never happy with mine, and decided to change without any knowledge or help, and made a mess of it.

These google people are amazing, they think of certified and decorated diploma holding dimwits wits like me, There was an option called ' clear edits' specially for ignorant morons which saved me and all my previous posts. Finally I managed without any help. Trial and error, Still no user manuals for me. Still refusing to learn. A friend of mine demands a user manual when he buys a screw driver or a spanner
Taking swimming lessons on the net is not a bad idea.
Blunt Knife


Shpriya said...

Had to read three of ur blogs together:) pics are nice too:)

wildpic said...

hey ... it certainly looks better rauf. indeed blog is like a rock falling on ur imaginary house. all the doors are open. by the way let me know what u think of my writeups in my blog.

Rauf said...

Yes Suresh,Nice thing this blogging is, they have to find a better word for it

Rauf said...

You gave me a fright with your recent post Priya, Pouring rain, some loud horror serial on TV made a perfect backdrop for me.

If you read only the last four lines you can read ten blogs at a time
Thanks for stepping in

Anonymous said...

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