27 November 2005

Flash back

George Best died, No I am not a Manchester United fan, I don't follow football the way I follow cricket. Apart from being an exceptional talent George Best was incredibly handsome. That brought screaming girls to the football stadium. I am not going to talk about him or football, His death opened the flood gates of memories.

There were only three things in England of the 60's The Beatles, George Best and Twiggy.

England went quiet after Christine Keeler - John Profumo affair, he was a secretary of war. A whole ministry of war ?? Probably they wanted to be at war at any point of time. Christine Keeler posed nude sitting on a chair, that chair became more famous than the model sitting on it. Any way things were quiet for some time. Then came the Beatles. They swept the world. They influenced the world more than the mobile phones or the computers.
India should be
thankful to them, as there was hardly any tourism before they invaded. There were only 3 points of tourism, Delhi Agra and Kashmir. That too only for the very rich. Before the Beatles India did not exist for an ordinary westerner. Their influence was not just the music, just about everything changed. The very way you look at things changed. Thinking, ideas creativity designing. Every thing was fresh.
That freshness of ideas brought Twiggy.

Twiggy was a concept, not a person. An idea fresh from the sky.
No one would take a second look at her before the Beatle revolution. Here she is, a frightened kitten. What a Darling she was, Along with the Beatles I had her posters all over my walls. I used to go to Moore Market to buy magazines tiny bits of pictures of her, the Beatle and George Best. I loved her. Almost my age, a year younger, she was born 1949 Sept 19th I knew all their b'days. SOOWWEEEET she was.

Every body ate well before Twiggy came. If you did not eat well, you were either sick or did not have any money to eat. Now the whole world wanted to look like her, the dogs and the cats and the Horses. The elephants in the forest started going on a diet.
'owee, no more sugarcanes for me I wanna look like Twiggy' mama elephant said.

Twiggy was a sensation and she was not aware of it. The first super model. She was absolutely clueless, that was her charm, that was her beauty. She ate well, she was not anorexic, a word unheard of, like the term ' generation gap' before the Beatles. The communist world termed her as a ' tool of capitalism' Such was her impact.
At the height of glory and fame one day she just quit.

If any of your friends says 'no chocolates and ice cream please, I am on a diet', ask her if she has heard of Twiggy, she is the one who started it all.
Blunt Knife


Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Beatles. They're not even popular in Liverpool. All the Livepudians care about is Football and Booze.
The Beatles? Nah. There was simply nothing better at that time. Today they're just a bunch of immature pseudo-intellectuals, whose music was simply the product experimenting with cassette recorders and turntables.
If these guys started singing today, nobody would even notice.

Anonymous said...

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