16 November 2005

Devuda Devuda

I stumbled upon a blog where the author wonders why people watch insipid stuff dished out on TV. He enjoys real life drama shown on National geographic channel. I enjoy that too, but I enjoy the scare of facing an elephant or a snake in a forest more. I agree that films and TV programmes produced here are of very poor quality, you need a lot of courage and stamina to watch them. What ever the quality may be, there is some indesrcibable charm in Indian films which makes people forget every thing else.
By any standards ' Ramayan' was a very poor production. Half the neighbourhood used to gather in my house every sunday morning to watch the programme with my mother, she enjoyed it so much (I come from a muslim family) Indian films have always promoted national integeration and communal harmony perhaps more than all the politicians could ever imagine. Indian films have never been controvercial barring a few on some very silly grounds. The only factors which bring Indians together are films and cricket. Indians living abroad stay close to their motherland thru these films and the songs in them.
These ' insipid ' films and TV soaps make people forget their problems for a while. They are a part of our lives, like it or not. Something is seriously wrong with me if I ask who is Rajnikanth. devuda..devuda...elzhumalai devuda, pardon my french please

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Chinna said...

national geographic can be insipid too.
watching elephants and lions can be mass entertainment. a documentary on snails the same as an art film.