5 November 2005

The Cow

I go looking for a cow dressed in a sari or a business suit, because Its not good to take pictures in nude

Wow you look gorgeous in this dress !
We all are choosy when it comes to clothes, me too, I try to make myself less dreadful. Our stone age forefathers wore no tuxedos. They survived, thats why we are here. But more than a tux what they needed most was a club, a weapon. That came before the dress.

There is a swami here in south India whose followers wear red dress. This is not a joke.
Hence forth all my followers would wear green
There comes another community who wear blue
After 10 years there is a split in the green community, they start wearing green with a red collar. There is a division within division, the new enlightened followers start wearing green, red collar and blue buttons. now they all forget the primary function of a dress, to protect the body from heat or cold. The basic idea is lost.

All faiths are very simple in the beginnig. They get complicated with passing years, they get so complicated that they forget the basic function of having a faith, to make themselves a good human being.
I never knew that it is so rigerous, tough and difficult to become a good human.

The cow wants to be a cow, doesn't want be a good cow.


chinna said...

I think the boys cycling along are followers of the cow - they're in white uniforms too! Nice morning scene.

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar .Every breakaway new Tamilnadu Political Party has a colour change for new identity

Anonymous said...

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