29 November 2005

Good Samaritan

Aha ! so you know how to cross the road.
good very good.
Do you cross the road on your own or you hold a road crossing manual in your hand ? or use a walking stick, or cross the road sitting on a wheel chair when you have the strength to stand on your own and walk ?

A good Samaritan is always looking for a blind man to help him cross the road
' wait wait where are you taking me ?
zooom zoom zoom speeding cars trucks passing by
'Thank you sir for helping me but actually I was waiting for my friend I did not want to cross the road.'
You really feel good, feel purified when you help a blind man cross the road.
There is no difference actually, We are just as blind.

"Forgive them my Lord for they know not what they are doing"
English translation : These guys are maniacs
I forgive my cat for he knows not what he is doing. He is another maniac.

This chap was trying to catch my fingers while I was typing and he stepped on the power key shutting down the system, had to type it all over again, Do you realise that my cat is trying to help you all ? Preventing me from posting this blog ?

Putputs and Priya the last four lines are for youI actually wrote something more and desparately tried to bring it down to four lines and failed. sorry
Blunt Knife


Rauf said...

The page developed some errors
and I had to delete the post and retype it and I lost all the comments
I did not delete them

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Rauf!
It's just a blog entry. It wouldn't change the world a bit.
The comments were very interesting tho'. Some people can really think for themselves. They don't really need no advice.
I had to train my children how to cross the street for several years before I could trust them to do it alone. Still it can be dangerous even for grown-ups nowadays. Many people die from just crossing the streets. All these crazy egoistic drivers. As soon as they obtained their licence they start driving recklessly.
Did you know that it took me fives years of weekly lessons from four different instructors and failed the driving exam four times before I got one of them licence. It's immoral!

Anonymous said...

mr anonymous ... never have more than 2 gurus to teach. if u fail in anything more than 3 times, quit. u should not be on the road, no offence.

Anonymous said...

Well, as a matter of fact I am on the road five times a week driving 140 kilometers everytime, rain, shine, snow, flood and I never had a road accident in ten years that I have been driving.

Shpriya said...

I read the whole blog :) not just the four lines :)))

Anonymous said...

now am happy for you mr anonymous.

Anonymous said...

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