25 November 2005

New arrivals

Can you do this ? He is asking me
He is not giving me any demonstration of yoga asna, we simply cannot do this. Perhaps some of you can. The cat has 64 vertebrae, we have only 32. They can survive a fall from a height and land safely. Please tell me if I am wrong, I have this habit of not checking the facts before I shoot my mouth.

We have new arrivals, mama cat has littered again, as usual under my bed. Mama cat is this chap's mom, given birth to 2 kittens. One is jet black, the other is brown white and a black patch on one eye. I know I know who the father is. A big thug of our street, badmaash loafer kameena he is. My fellow has been scaring the mama cat driving out his own mother, doesn't let her come near me. I don't like his attitude. I have to lock him up to feed her. She is simply gorgeous, thats why she is always pregnant. I have noticed when she feeds the new born, the black patch chap keeps pushing the jet black chap away with his hind legs. the competition for survival begins that early. I'll post their pictures later, I don't want to disturb them now.

Its raining again, Every year I go to Kerala just to walk in the rain get myself completely wet. I used to jump on any one who curse the rain for having ruined their day

5 in the morning, Some neighbour is trying to start his bike in this pouring rain for more than half an hour now, his bike is refusing to budge, Poor chap. Believe me I am praying for his bike to start, its getting on my nerves. I think God heard me, He has given up, no no no he hasn't, he has started again. there was a long gap, Perhaps he took a coffee break., I mean my neighbour not God.
Blunt Knife


wildpic said...

rauf ... i like the second pic, fabulous. yes the rain n the cat go well in a story, somethin similar.
by the way chk this dude out, he visited my blog.


Rauf said...

Suresh, one of his fav. movies is clockwork orange. so he deserves sp. attention, pretty lenghty stuff inhis blog I'll read later

Vasu said...

I like these pics!! They r fab!

Sweta, Moscow said...

when I am in India again, Rauf... can u take me with you for another trip to Kerala or any place u go... need to go... need to talk... dont know how long i can manage in Moscow...