7 November 2005


There have been protests from friends

'Why are you beating a dead horse ?
Such things don't exist now'

Do you expect the merciful kind and loving God to make

such dumb statements ?

Its not there in our holy book

Wow, but you believe in the joke of Genesis

If you believe in Genesis you believe in those dumb statements too.

they have been altered, our holy book has not been altered.

That is the whole problem, each one claiming that their holy book is the truth and absolute truth.

Just look at the mess such claims have caused

just look at the bloodshed religion has caused and it is still going on.
There has never been a clash between good and evil.
Its always been a clash of good vs good.
Each one claiming their 'brand' of good is the absolute truth.
Each one promoting and imposing their 'brand' of good on others.

All Hitler wanted to do was to clean up this planet by removing unwanted elements, like you and me and bring an order in this planet.
what a noble idea !

He sincerely believed that what he was doing was 'good' and the entire nation stood behind him. So far the church has not condemned the holocaust.
Do you agree with him ?
You called him Evil
But Hitler didn't think so, and so did the whole nation

On Sunday Nov 5th the klan surfaced in Austin Tx, holding a rally against legalisation of gay marriages. I thought the Klan is sleeping or dead. KKK believes in white supremacy, same as the Aryan supremacy of the Nazis
KKK too claim the right to absolute truth.
Do you agree with them ?
Would you accept that you are inferior to some race ?
Just imagine your life as a slave for a moment
The moment I mention the word ' slave' people go into hiding.
Not one, believe me, NOT ONE holy book has abolished slavery,
It was not considered Evil by any of the prophets or saints.
The most liberal utterance you'll ever find in all the holy books is 'treat your slaves well'
That indicates slavery was accepted as common practice,
A slave is not a human being, a slave is a property. In India its still worse, according to holy scriptures, A person is born a slave and dies a slave if he is a sudhra or a chandala, and the women of highest to the lowest community had no right to education, their only role was to serve their men and you know what.

' such things don't exist now, why are you beating a dead horse ?'

I thank the evolution of human mind that I am not a
slave today, I don't thank the merciless and evil supporting God. All these holy books and scriptures were written by people like you and me according to the existing conditions, by men, to suit their own interests, to impose their 'brand of good' on others like Hitler did, Like some countries do even today.

If God has written those scriptures, he is a lunatic, fit to be in an asylum. If you can't choose between right and wrong without a written manual, you have no right to be on this planet.
Have you seen any monkey singing holding a holy book and seeking guidance ? because they don't need any, they KNOW what to do.
They will sue us if we claim that we descended from them, we are such a dumb race.
The horse is not dead yet.

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Sweta, Moscow said...

here should be long long comment of mine Rauf... people have thought tons of rubbish and society is not bothering of what impact their decision gives to the other's life even if this "other" doesnt belong to this society... i have no words... only pain all around... dont know how to tell... or express... Remember i told u i love... people ate it... they prohibited their son... and married him to somebody of their caste... and got a car along with blide...