19 November 2005


' you promised no more God bashing a few blogs ago' my friend protested

People are tired of America bashing and Bush bashing
give me something to bash at, I tell her

' why don't you go bash yourself '

This would make you happy sweetie
I have been bashed up many times before

Its a long story, making it riddicoolasly short
I am giving this to my cat for spelling and grammore checkk

I am in 6th class
I am scared of this teacher, miss no oppertunity to please him running his erands.
Lunch hour, he calls me
a letter in his hands, white envelop.
he grabs my shoulder points opposite wing
Count the windows
8th window remember
alright sir
go there give this letter to the teacher
and come back here.
I am already 30 feet away
I go back
put the letter in your pocket
stop, he shouts
I am already 40 feet away
I go back
she is wearing a green sari
I am not there
I vanish
and I am there
What ? shocked !!
I am fast very fast
Yes sir
what yes sir ???.... give me the letter
I gave sir
what ?
I gave miss wat you gave sir
All four tyres flat ..... dark clouds on his map
goof definitly a goof
he grabbs my shoulder again...... shakes me
its still paining after 48 years
what was she wearing ?
miss wearing green sari sir
I didn't tell him she was fat
I didn't tell him I am smart
I did not count the windows I counted the doors
The entrance was on the other side
Each class had 2 windows

wrong delivery !!!
and he did not know there was another miss wearing green sari on that fateful day

Afternoon class
Head master walks in with the fat miss wearing green
comes straight to my desk
is he the one ?
Ah rauf ! it had to be you.... who else ???..... come with me
Head master's room
I am looking at the big globe on the table
my fingers itching to roll it
sweat in december
An ear shattering roar
Who gave you the letter ?
Who gave you the letter ?
I am looking at the cane on the table
I knew soon it is going to land on me
who gave you the letter ?
writing anonymous love letters was not my profession then.. head master knew it
Who gave you the letter ?

Still staring at the cane
I saw it coming
first one landed on my ankle
I jumped with pain
he second landed on my arm
who gave you the letter ?
tup tup tup tears falling on the spotless red floor
one more landed on my other ankle
not at the same place twice
he was very careful
I loved my head master
loved him to bits
tears in my eyes now after 48 years
I saw the fourth one coming
I spilled the beans
He gave me water to drink
I was crying... gasping for breath
go back to your class
what followed is a long story
My teacher was expelled
All teachers started hating me
that lasted only for a few days
it was all love and care right till the day I left the school
Eventually my teacher ended up marrying the fat teacher and not with the one the letter intended for.

This story and the teachers involved are not important
What bothers me till today is why I was chosen out of 30 boys, and why my headmaster without looking at other 400 boys in the school came straight to my desk
As far as I could remember that was the first goof of my life filled with goofs and goofs and only goofs....
Oh ! I forgot
My head master never reported this to my dad
though he was in constant touch with him even after I left the school


wildpic said...

this bloggin is addictive ... in a free environ to say anything, just realise theres so much to say ...
being chosen is a heightened human experience ... which is more misery.

Chinna said...

thanks to experiences like this colourful one you describe, i repeat over and over again to any child who's willing to listen - do not try to please, do exactly what you feel like doing.

Shpriya said...
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Shpriya said...

All of us do goof up sometime or the other :) Goof and learn :)

Rauf said...

wish my dad was like you

Rauf said...

Yes Priya
but there is a difference
you goof and learn, I goof and goof and never learn, you have given me a sujbect for tomorrow's blog. Thank you so much

Rauf said...

yes suresh looks like it.
Brickes landing at my place too
there are ways to wriggle out of our
eternal misery,for a while, they come like quantum energy in packs of tiny moments. They keep us going.

wildpic said...

chk www.cameratoss.blogspot.com
sometimes doing the first worst thing could mean magic ...
"dont" is the magic door sometimes ...

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing this story with us.

Anonymous said...

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