21 November 2005


Thats him

Certain happy occasions have depressed me, like my sister's wedding. I was happy running around doing the work, all my friends were there with me to help, but when my sister was leaving I collapsed, creating panic all over. It was embarrassing as I stalled my sister's leaving by a couple of hours. I couldn't bear the idea of her leaving the house, though we've been fighting hitting each other all our lives.

On Saturday I received a phone call
' Am I talking to Rauf ? ' he asked ' My name is Kishore Bheda
I screamed on the phone with excitement. He landed here within half an hour.

He was with me 25 years ago during my very first unforgetable Himalayan experience, it was an organised trek. After that no contact whatsoever. I was extremely happy to receive him, hugging hitting each other continued for half an hour. I was depressed in some corner in my mind. He said he's been trying to locate me from past 2 days, asking around and making numerous phone calls. I was stunned with his efforts, without having my address or phone number, I had no phone 25 years ago.

What really depressed me was, I have been to Pune many times but I never made any attempt to locate him. That showed something lacking in me. Seeing our joy, Sindu and her masterji who had come to see me immediately left. 'You are meeting after 25 years we better leave.. We'll leave you alone'
Flood gates of memories burst open, and how we have changed over the years physically. Kishore seemed to be very happy, healthy, he has a family, doing well in his life, He made absolutely no attempt to impress me with what he is doing now and how he has improved in his life or how prosperous he is the way some friends do, meeting after a long time. I have been the same, from past 50 years, same living conditions same house, virtually no improvement. We did not let the age interfere with our joy by talking abut our health and other problems of growing old. We promised to be in touch in future.

My cat is watching me type but not trying to catch my finger running on the keyboard, just sitting seriously thinking. Its raining early in the morning and
the roof is leaking again.... tup tup tup.


Shpriya said...

I liked the last 4 lines :)) Shows someone keeps watching us always :))

wildpic said...

i sympathise with the cat, have pretty much lost my human emotion trying to be human. too many saints, too many neil armstrongs on the road these days ! where is my friend hannibal lecter gone ? ...

Rauf said...

I am here suresh, I am having a friend for dinner

Rauf said...

I was having a shower priya with roof leaking right on my head as I was typing, the cat was safe warm and cozy

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree with shpriya. but the last 4 lines made an impact mainly because it was a beautiful shift in writing. talking about re-unions, memories, a distant thought, and then, a smooth shift over to the present quietitude. beautifully written, poms !

Rauf said...

theek hai ree ghodee
I will write only last four lines in future
Aree sun
a lady complained to a biscuit manufacturer that when she opens the packet the first biscuit is always broken, please stop paacking the first biscuit in future

Anonymous said...

hehehehe !
must be as sarphiri as you poms !

wildpic said...

wow ... thats delicious,
i know why ... cos hes been eatin ur head ! u dont need supermarkets, door delivery to the max, dinner delivers itself !!!

Chinna said...

lovely pic - has a Van Gogh-feel about it. It seems like that was the moment you parted for decades.

Rauf said...

Sweet guy he is chinna he carried my things, when I developed stomach trouble which I forgot to add, Like a damn fool I carried a tripod too and kishore was carrying it for me, why are you not using the tripod he asked why did you bring it, if you don't use the tripod today I am going to throw it off the cliff, just to satisfy him I used to take a couple of pictures on the tripod

Anonymous said...

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