24 November 2005


Some enlightened man threw a bottle of coca cola on Winston Davis, hit him on his shoulder
India -West Indies Chepauk, forgot which year.
That incident brought humiliation to all the cricket lovers in Chennai for ever.

India England Test match, Chepauk the next year, took Moin and Ruby with me, they were very small, Ramesh with us with Ranju for expert comments, festive atmosphere, Pongal holidays, more than a match it was a picnic, carried lots eats, banners, markers. We were frisked like criminals, I did not like children being frisked, cops wouldn't allow a bottle of ketchup, one cop almost slipped the ketchup bottle in his pocket, children are smart, they grabbed it from him and poured out water and transfered the ketchup to the plastic water bottle.
Saw a tall fence all along the ground. Felt like a prisoner

That was my last experience of watching a match in a stadium
Blunt Knife


Chinna said...

rauf, howcome your comments are not opening as a pop-up?
I went for a cricket match at chepauk once. I never spotted the ball.

Rauf said...

you could not spot the ball
I was ok with cricket matches in my school days, There was a long gap. I took moin to India w. Indies When Hirwani took 16 wickets, When ever I missed a wicket I was expecting an action replay, the batsman coming back to be bowled again for me.

I tampered with the settings I don't know how to get back to pop up I'll try

Chinna said...

Pop up working now. One more flaw that's occuring recently - a green rectangle blinking over daylight again header as the site opens.