15 November 2005


Do you meet normal people ?
na..... na na na na
Not any more !!!
you meet only saints
There are more saints now on the road than normal people.
who is a normal guy ?
who are normal people ?
A normal guy is the one who throws things at you,
a normal guy screams at the TV after a dropped catch
Its a fast vanishing tribe, very close to extinction

Every one you bump into is a saint, following some philosophy or the other. All these philosophies are out to make big fakes out of us. Being normal is considered a danger to the society. Normal people have normal human emotions, they express anger hatred love or jealousy joy ecstasy, which is pretty natural. They face the consequences of expressing their emotions, pleasant or unpleasant, and refuse to learn.
Repeating your blunders is pretty normal too
My cat says history repeats itself, Now I have to ask my friends to verify my cat's statement.

I was helping a friend of mine who brought many tapes of.... tapes of.... tapes of.... some some some thing ? philosophy thing ??? ....Meditation thing .........to be transfered to a CD
I said OK... too glad to help, sweet thing she is. I showed her all my four teeth.
The lecture or meditation or something began with slow dramtic sound effect,


you kidding me ?
your beginning itself is wrong
How ? I really wondered how. How is that possible ?
If all beings are happy, God will go out of business, bankrupt, KAPOOTA.
Clever chapee he is, very clever !
If you are happy with what you've got, life becomes so dull and boring
quest for happiness keeps us going. I am posting this blog and sending e-mails because some chap was pissed with sticking stamps and going to the post office. Thank you where ever you are.
I am glad that some one is growing bananas because he is not happy with what he's got, he wants more. We all want more
More bananas.
God is still in business.... and thriving on our misery
The actual threat of throwing God out of business comes from saints and only saints
We normal people are doing our best doing all the whacky things to keep God in business


Shpriya said...

So you've gone bananas over bananas? :)) read http://tenyearold.blogspot.com for more on bananas :))

chinn said...

i guess we get the saints we deserve

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