28 November 2005


That is Rajesh teaching Moin 18 years ago
Learning is a never ending process. I am 58 and still learning something or the other every day

90 percent of the road accidents are due to bad judgement, rest is due to the failure of mechanism. Bad judgement is simply bad commonsense. Commonsense develops over the years if you care to develop.

Take a sheet of paper and throw it out of the window. It just falls at your feet. You crush the sheet of paper and roll it into a ball and throw it out of the window.
Did any one teach you that ?
Its a silly question
why should any one teach me how to throw paper out of the window ?
You know it and You just do it.
Every action of yours comes out of commonsense, which is not taught in schools or by parents or from the holy books, You may learn theories. Commonsense develops by sheer observation.

You need not know that the sheet of paper cannot cut through the resistance of air. You alter the shape though the mass remains the same. You place a cup very gently on a glass table. You don't drop it. You need not understand the theory of relativity nor the Newton's laws of motion. But still every action of yours comes out of them
This man does not have a Ph.D in Physics

Learning is a continuous process, your learning, your experience guides your actions right through your life.

You may be a great yogi, you may stay suspended in air for half an hour,
You may be an enlightened man, but you still have to learn how to cross the road. When you know how to cross the road, you don't need any enlightenment. Who needs nirvana ?

Blunt knife


Chinna said...

Lovely pics rauf. Capturing the innocense of childhood - before commonsense strikes.
The word god-bashing you used in an earlier post got me thinking.
You cannot bash god. For one, he may not exist. Or, if he does, you are a mere pin-prick if at all.
What i'm getting at is you were belief-bashing or book-bashing at best.
This i believe is good 'medicine'. Please keep at it.

Rauf said...

bashing the air
thrashing the belief
Chinna I am bashing myself because no one is listening

angeldust_xtc said...

something to think about.

cud u pls change the background color.black makes it a pain to read anything:)

Anonymous said...

When does common sense become common-no-sense

Rauf said...

Angeldust, I want to stick to black because of pictures, I am changing the fonts to regular, please see if they are OK
thanks for stepping in

Stacey said...

I start to feel bored if I feel that I am not learning anything. Learning is great fun, and even at my age of 27 I feel that I am still hungering for knowledge. I always feel like a young school girl wanting to learn something new!

I am enjoying your blog. I found it today while doing a technorati search for "enlightenment". I will put you on my blogroll! I've skimmed through much of your blog and am looking forward to reading it in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

This is one way to attract attention. J. Krishnamurti did it. U G. Krishnamurti did it. Anyway the stupid Hindus started it. why shouldn't they exposed themselves. All this talk about enlightenment and nirvana. It's pure hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Anyway Indians have been a much-exploited people. It's time they get rid of their cultures, traditions, religions, superstitions, gods, gurus, Brahmins, untouchables, poverty, and gullibility. This would be impossible knowing how stupid and afraid people can be.
Keep up the good work!

Shamantra said...

Why do they call it "common" sense anyway? Seems to me it ain't so common!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I don't have any words to express what i am feeling now.
People say pictures are worth thousand words and the picture really speaks outs very sensibly, atleast this one really does..
Kudos to your work rauf