8 November 2005


Nice shoes you got there
I can understand that
Normally people find it hard to say some thing nice about me, because there is none and I am going to make it worse soon
'Thank you bought them on sale actually '
What are you ?
I am a blogger
you what ?
I am a blogger
a blogger ?
Mommeeeeeeeee !!!
I won't be surprised if he starts to run for his life.
Actually you get a dreadful pictures of a man with a helmet and pads like you
see zombies running wearing them in the American version of Football, what a dumb game, No wonder no other country has taken up that game. Believe me Americans just love violence.
People like Google do some wonderful things, some times their imagination goes on a holiday
can't they find a better word ?
And blogger sounds like my profession is dropping bombs on Iraq Afghanistan or some poor godforsaken country. Americans have a knack of choosing such countries.
It won't be long before blogger or bloggering or blogging becomes a regular profession, I am enjoying it already.

Enough of God bashing, friends are calling, sending emails in protest
and there are tonnes of Bush bashing on the net, poor guy, he is providing us with a lot of entertainment at a painful cost, life and money. Our lives would be so dull without such clowns on the stage.

Leaving for Ernakulam tonight, be back on 11th
Hope the trains are not cancelled


suresh said...

rauf .... brilliant.
i do see this soon becoming ur profession, soon u will add music and a web camera tied to ur sulkin cat ! he is a true traveller .... gives a rats ass !
bloggin is great, just creating a blog myself, inspired by whitesroad. mine is valparai.blogspot.com may be i should have called it 'tailrock' ... meaning, the music of the tail.

Stacey said...

Not all Americans love violence. I can promise you that I am one American who does not like violence. I am anti-war and I know some others who feel the same way. Oh, and you can definitely bash Bush all you want. I don't like him either. :)